Firearms Classes - Basic Handgun

$75.00 $65.00

After purchasing Please Call (813)803-0206 
or email to schedule your class time.  

The course completion certificate of this class is an acceptable training verification that may be used to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapon permit. 

This course is approximately 4 hours long and includes both classroom and live fire range time. 

A pistol and ammunition will be provided free of charge, however if you wish to use your own gun you must provide your own ammo (50-100rounds) 

Students will be taught: 

  • The Universal rules for safe gun handling; 
  • Pistol parts, operation, care, and maintenance; 
  • Ammunition components, care, and storage; 
  • Shooting fundamentals and range rules;
  •  Defensive shooting verses marksmanship and how to shoot from the two handed standing positions; 
  • Clearing common pistol jams and malfunctions; 
  • How to select a handgun; 
  • A Basic introduction to Florida Concealed Carry laws 
  • and how to apply for your Florida Concealed Carry License.

Classes are held at:

1827 Collier Pkwy

Lutz, FL 33549