Firearms Classes - Home Defense

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Home Defense 
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The course completion certificate of this class is an acceptable training verification that may be used to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapon permit. 

This course Builds upon the skills learned during the Basic Handgun Course. It will last between 4-5 hours and has classroom and live fire training. If you do not have your own Pistol you may borrow one of ours free of charge, However you must bring your own ammo, 9mm luger (factory new full metal jacket, non-steel cased). You will need between 100-150 rounds for this class. 

Students will be taught: 

  • The Universal rules for safe gun handling, 
  • How to develop a Personal and Home Protection Plan, 
  • Selecting a Handgun for Home Defense, 
  • The Legal use of Force, 
  • Violent encounters and their aftermath, 
  • Clearing common pistol jams and malfunctions, 
  • Defensive Shooting vs. Marksmansip, 
  • The Difference between Cover and Concealment, 
  • and Safe Storage for Home Defense

Firearms Training Classes are held at:

1827 Collier Pkwy

Lutz, FL 33549